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The social media and other media space has been filled with different stories of persons (especially young person’s) committing suicide for one reason or the other and it is really saddening to be greeted with these kinds of news almost on a daily basis.

What is even more saddening is the fact that most of these persons transit to eternity unprepared.

What is further heartbreaking is the authorities' nonchalant attitude towards these recent developments.

Well! While I pour out my heart about the recent trend, let me pause and ask, what exactly could be the cause of these recent trend’s ? Why would someone want to take his or her life ? Why would a young person take his or her life ?

There could be many reasons behind the current trend, but the question is, do we as a society truly care ? When I say care, I don't mean just saying the usual "eyya" "RIP" blablablaaa, I mean care in deed.

As a society we need to rise up and find out the reasons behind the recent spate of suicide with the aim of finding solutions to it. If we do nothing about it, things might get out of hand and who knows; someone close to you or even you might be contemplating suicide.

The world is indeed full of all kinds of negative issues and so it would be really unfair to further complicate issues for people.

We need to be one another's keeper. If you "notice" someone in need, help out and if you can't, mobilize help for them and don't let them just suffer alone.

We can't allow suicide to continue to steal our young generations away, WE MUST RISE UP AND DO SOMETHING.

Please when someone brings any matter to you for advice, no matter how trivial you think it is, hear them out and lovingly talk to them. For some all they need is being listened to and so, please listen to them without judging them.


As for me, I am opened to counseling you or helping in any way I can and so feel free to talk to me.

Over to you, what are you willing to do to stop this new trend called suicide? Please comment.

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